Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tails of a cat in heat

When I first saw this cartoon, I laughed out loud. Hope you'll share my somewhat warped sense of humor!

This hits close to home, as it would appear that our precious kitty is "heating" again, as our 6-year-old calls it.

We had suspected our neighbor's cat, "Runt", had stolen Peanut's purity last month -- he was definitely sending her the "wanna make beautiful kittens together, baby?" vibes.

Good girl for abstaining! We've had the "true love waits" talk with her, but she seems uncomfortable wearing the symbolic silver band.
So until these urges pass once again, I'm going to hide her garter belts and whips!


Nancy Pancy said...

Good idea. From my experience cats never listen. You may have to pull out the oldchastity belt before it's over!

Jennifer said...

I LOL'd, too! What a hoot. My precious dog, Snowball, was also a victim years ago. I had to take her to "the clinic". I don't think she ever forgave me.