Monday, May 19, 2008

Not Exactly Full Tilt ......

Here's a shot of my kindergartner this morning -- I think she may have strep...again. I hope she's not too terribly attached to those short-timer tonsils of hers. Imagine intense, gutteral groaning sounds accompanying this picture, and you'll get an idea of how her weekend was.

We're quite a pair, Nat and me ..... I'm battered and bruised from a hard core family work day. My hubby woke up ready to conquer the world, or at least the honey-do list, on Sat. morning. Not one to let such an opportunity slip by, I joined in, assembled the troops (kiddos), and we kicked booty around here!

We were all finished, and basking in the rich, rewarding feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, when the unimaginable happened. I'm talking UNTHINKABLE. While stepping over a ladder, my pant leg got snagged on its sharp corner and yanked me back like a carp on a fishing line. (poetic, huh?) In direct opposition, my brisk, healthy momentum continued to carry me forward -- right towards the garage floor. It's like it happened in slow motion, and I had an eternity to anticipate my impending impact. My internal dialog went something like this: "I'm faaaaaalllllliiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggg!"

It was sort of like the asteroid hurtling towards Earth in the movie Armageddon (Where ARE Bruce Willis and/or Ben Affeck anyway?!)

The only saving grace was that there were no witnesses to my delicate decline onto the pavement. Think NOSE DIVE. I'm certain the sight would have scarred my children for life, on so many levels -- and thus, require years and years of therapy. For the record, concrete is NOT a forgiving surface. My knee will never be the same -- just when I'm shopping for a cheerleading skirt!

The worst part is that my resulting aches and pain are way out of proportion with my PUNY bruises (which I feel inclined to share with everyone I encounter). They say things like, "Yeah, I guess I can make out a bruise.....if I squint my eyes and focus real hard". And I don't mind sharing with you that I doubt their sincerity.

So, until next work day ...... watch out for those ladders -- they bite!


Alicia said...
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Alicia said...

My heart breaks for her laying on the coffee table. It's so sad.

And then your accident. Oh my gosh! How scary! Glad you're okay. We totally need to see pictures of your injuries.

Kate said...

Ooh, so sorry you have a little sickie at home...poor dear! My little one has an eye infection and I just got back from taking her to the Drs. Sigh. Sorry about your tumble, oh my...hope you are feeling better soon!

Thanks for stopping by my place...your "nail" analogy was fantastic, I have heard that before. Like the toothpaste, once it's squeezed out, it can't go back in again. Thanks for sharing! God bless your day! :)

Christi said...

Poor Baby! That picture is really sad! Does Ms Christi need to pull out the Dora popsicles for you both?