Friday, May 9, 2008

Faithful Fan(s) from Far, Far Away

Well, perhaps I exaggerate with my title.

However, I just stumbled upon a really cool site that probably every blogger known to man has been aware of except me --! If I wasn't already obsessed with "my little blog that could" before, now there's a whole new dimension added to its draw.

On that website, I am able to see a graph -- a GRAPH, people -- just like a board meeting, to track the number of folks who visit my blog daily. And I mean BOTH of you. Hi mom.

I haven't figured it out quite yet, but I'm relatively sure there's a search mode to ascertain what they ate for breakfast -- BREAKFAST, people -- just like IHOP! (Anyone else just get a hankerin' for multi-flavored syrup choices at your fingertips?)

Back to the website stuff: I can pull up a map -- a MAP, people -- (oh, I wish I'd asked for a laser pointer for Mother's Day), and see markers of all my loyal readers' vast locations. I'm talking ALL over the world. I'm also able to tell that the majority of them looked at my blog for less than 15 seconds....

Anyway, I certainly hope those visitors are not James Bond kind of folk, gathering evidence of delicate issues like various uses for red peppers and Suburbans marked with a "P".

I can see the congressional hearing now...... "No sir, my intent was simply to spread joy to the world of blogging with tales of my circus visits and my would-be love affair with my cat".

Visit me in prison?


Jennifer said...

Hey - not only will I visit you - I'll spring you! Thanks for the info on the counter - I didn't know about it either.

SarahJeanie said...

You have more than 2 readers! Matt & I both faithfully read your blog! We have to get our laughs from somewhere! Thanks for making the world a brighter, funnier place!