Tuesday, May 20, 2008

By Popular Demand .....

All 3 of my readers have requested, nay, DEMANDED updates on yesterday's post. Well, who am I to keep them in the dark, wondering, tossing & turning at night, with no closure?

For starters, Nat is a tiny bit better. By that, I mean that she's managed to make it from the kitchen bench to the couch. She has a nasty virus that simply refuses to move on! It's comforting to be surrounded by her favorite Webkinz in the sick ward.
I hope she'll be well enough to attend the last day of school tomorrow, where they'll have FUN IN THE SUN DAY! (the equivalent to the Olympics, except with water balloons & bean bags, and no representatives from other countries, and no medals, but pretty identical otherwise)

Also, I wanted to update you on my catastrophic injuries at the hand, or should I say leg, of our ladder. I'm embarrassed to post this, but I wanted to document my injuries. Note the bruise on my hip, right below my six-pack abs. Also see that I now wear a helmet when walking through our garage, just to be on the safe side. Better safe than being clobbered at the hand of an ordinary household ladder, I always say!


SarahJeanie said...

You are so hysterical! Sorry little Natalie is sick! We will be praying she is better so she can participate in the "olympics" tomorrow! We will also be praying for your bruises! I wish I had a six pack like that!

Christi said...

Glad to see that your bruises look much better than yesterday!

Christi said...

Your pecks are looking a little flabby now days. Are you still on the juice?

Jack Sparrow