Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The sight I'll miss most .....

Friends, "D" Day is upon our heels ..... da last day of school. Before I begin, I'd like to state emphatically for the record that I LOVE MY KIDS!!!! However, 8:04 a.m. has been my favorite time of the day for 9 months now -- the time their bus picks them up.

Just LOOK how happy those kids are in the picture -- they WANT to go to school. Never mind the fact that 2 of their tires are off the road, I'm sure they'll be fine.

Back to me ..... It's been so lovely this year to get reacquainted with Matt Lauer in the morning, and maybe even kick around pertinent topics with the ladies of The View. Just me, Kelly Rippa and a cup-o-coffee. Such solitude!

That will all change once summer "break" starts (which is absolutely NOT a break for mothers, but don't get me started).

I've entertained the thought that perhaps my kids should attend summer school, in an attempt to raise slacker grades in the range of only 95-97%. I never realized WHAT an education nut I truly am!

So until next August, I'll be doubling my Zoloft dose and hope you'll give my regards to Regis. Motherhood is surrender!


Kate said...

Ha! So funny...with only ONE of my kiddos in school I feel a tad of what you're saying. Although I AM ready for NO homework and getting up EARLY! :D Both of my cherubs are going to a week long day Christian camp in June....I must admit, I am SO SO excited about a week just to myself. WHAT in the world will I do??!!

Ok, NO stinking way you had a friend who was AT the ACMs this year and AFTER Party...oh man!! PLEASE fill me in on the details. I would LOVE to hear it all!!!!

God bless your day, so fun to have "met" you!! :)

Jennifer said...

And I always thought my mom was so happy to have us home for the summer. She always seemed so happy - must've been hittin' the sauce! Just kidding - she's a saint. But isn't it funny how our perceptions quickly change when we become the mom?