Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Hairy Haircut Appointment

The bad news is I'm too sick to attend church this morning. The good news is I'm home alone, in a quiet house, with time to blog! So I thought I'd share an amusing memory with you.

Back in da day, roughly 60 years ago ....... my best buddy started dating a guy named Wayne. Well, his best friend was Kevin, and he & I hit it off. We made quite a foursome on weekends, hitting the town and singing along to our Loverboy cassette. ("everybody's workin' for the weekend") Wayne and Kevin both lived in a nearby town, about 20 minutes away. A whole 'nother county! Exotic, don't you think?!

During our budding romance, I remember that Kevin vacationed in Florida for a week. Upon his return, he was so excited to give me a genuine pearl mounted inside a heart pendant. You know, one of those "you choose the oyster and keep the pearl inside" things. Again, so exotic!

Not long after that, I ventured to a new hairdresser I had heard good things about. During the course of conversation, she mentioned the small town where she lived. I said, "Hey! What a coincidence! My boyfriend Kevin lives there!!" She put the scissors to her side and said "Kevin WHO?" Well, as I said his last name, I distinctly noticed her grip on the scissors tighten. Not a good sign. My blood ran cold at that very moment.

Turns out he was dating us both at the same time. ME -- Caught in a love triangle! (EXOTIC!) I suddenly wondered if she & I had matching pearl love pendants, but didn't think it was the ideal time to inquire. I could always pose that pressing question during the taping of our Jerry Springer episode.

Anyhoo ...... NOT a good feeling, sitting in a beauty shop chair, locking eyes at the reflection in the mirror of a woman scorned, who's wielding sharp instruments, and terrified that she's about to go all "Edward Scissorhands" on me. The very definition of "vulnerable", folks! I had visions in my head of walking out of the beauty shop sporting this look:

So I managed to utter the only three words that seemed to matter at that point ........ "just a trim".

And I never dated Kevin-from-the-next-county again.


Alicia said...

So I'm curious what got you thinking about that today? And what are the chances? "Just a trim" was obviously the right way to go!"

Sharon said...

Honestly, Alicia, I've just been reflecting on "classic Sharon moments", and this one came to mind. There's LOTS more where that came from, so stay tuned!

Jennifer said...

I love that story! I had a similar story with my best friend and the new principal's son, Greg. Unless you've been there, it's hard to explain that feeling that sets in when you hear the words, "Greg Who?" ...or "Kevin Who?" I'm with ya' sister!