Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Ending

My poor husband is having a hard week at work. As an insurance agent, following a local hail storm ..... it's a tough gig, with all the claims and upset homeowners.

This afternoon, I called my husband at work to ask a simple question. While chatting, he shared with me that a client had just called and verbally raked him over the coals over something that was totally out of his control. This really bothered him, as he tries incredibly hard to provide excellent customer service -- and this person was simply being unreasonable.

Our kids overheard my end of the conversation and were concerned. When I hung up, they asked "What's going on?!" I responding by saying that daddy was having a hard day at work.

Well, that's all I needed to say -- Natalie immediately began making the "SORRY" banner to greet daddy when he came home, Allison started thawing out a steak for his dinner, and Holly whipped up one of his favorites -- brownies (which we all knows soothes any sore spot!)

I'm sure Evan would have offered an empathetic gesture, such as letting daddy win at basketball, had he been home at the time. This was so encouraging to me as a parent, and it meant the world to my hubby! Thank the good Lord that tomorrow's a new day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

And the Silver Dollar City Blogathon Continues...

Here's Evan, preparing to swish three shots in a row to win a basketball of his choice.

Meanwhile, the next booth over, little sister Natalie was getting ready to throw darts at balloons.

And here are the proud WINNERS displaying their prizes! SCORE!

Friday, July 17, 2009

One of our Favorite Attractions

Introducing Jeerk, a group featured at Silver Dollar City this summer -- all the way from Sweden. People, they are talented!

They are a rhythmic group that dances, sings & makes music with everything under the sun. You see a cheese grater, they see a musical instrument.

Our whole family enjoyed their show, although the kids did cringe when I asked the band members for an autograph after the show ...... on my navel.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Conquering Silver Dollar City

Refreshment of choice: Dip'N Dots and Cotton Candy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Open the Park!

Our kids were at the perfect age to fully enjoy Silver Dollar City, opening the park & closing the park down on both days.

We had a bit of a photo shoot while anxiously awaiting the park's opening .....

Natalie: 7, Evan: 9, Holly: 10, and Allison: 13.
I love their expressions in the Jail picture --"We're innocent"!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Price of FUN

In order to fund our summertime getaway in Branson, we first held a massive yard sale. The whole family pitched in & did their part. Whew! Yard sales are a lot of work -- and in 100 degree weather, to boot.

As a sidenote, I'm amazed at the new-found affection my children have for neglected, forgotten toys and such that I suggest putting a price tag on!

I'm happy to report that the sale was a huge success. It is, however, reminiscent of child birth .... in that I'm happy with the result but wouldn't want to do it again anytime soon!

And unlike child birth, I don't get 6 weeks off from work to recuperate, and nobody's delivering a casserole to help out with meals! Tomorrow I'll post pictures of our trip to Branson.

Friday, July 3, 2009

This One's for YOU, Sissy

My little sister is antsy for another post -- never mind the fact that she talks to me pretty much every day and knows more about my life than my spouse.

So here goes, Amy!

We just got back from a 5-day vacation in Branson and had a FABULOUS time! The hotel we stayed in was nice, with plenty of space and a pool right outside the door, AND only about 1/2 mile from the entrance to (drumroll please.........) Silver Dollar City!!

We definitely got our money's worth on our 2-day pass to that park -- waiting with white knuckles wrapped around the gates at opening time and closing the joint down each night! The kids had an absolute blast.

It's funny -- out of our 4 kids, we have 2 who only want to ride the tame rides. (I've been informed to NOT call them "kiddie rides", thankyouverymuch) And we have 2 (our middle 2) who are stinkin' daredevils. Their motto is "FASTER & HIGHER"!! Since SDC wasn't very crowded, all the kids got their fill of their rides of choice.

I don't know what it is ..... but the older I get, the less I can hack the "round & round" rides. I can handle the roller coasters just fine -- but spin me round & round a couple dozen times, and I'm about to lose my lunch. Anyone with me on that? You say "teacups", I say "hurl".

We told the kids they could pick any one souvenir from the park that made their heart sing, which was a major source of excitement. Holly & Alli chose airbrushed personalized t-shirts; Evan sank a couple baskets & won a souvenir basketball; and Natalie exercised her newly discovered dart-throwing skills & won a huge blue monkey with Silver Dollar City sewn on its tummy. In fact, one of her darts actually took out three balloons at once. True! You say, "but HOW can that be?"! The dart burst 2 balloons, then fell downward & took out one more during its fall. That's SOME skill, huh? Look for her to compete at the 2012 Olympics in carnival dart-throwing.

I'll post some pics. soon, but hope this might be enough to pacify my information-starved sibling. LOVE LOVE