Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Ending

My poor husband is having a hard week at work. As an insurance agent, following a local hail storm ..... it's a tough gig, with all the claims and upset homeowners.

This afternoon, I called my husband at work to ask a simple question. While chatting, he shared with me that a client had just called and verbally raked him over the coals over something that was totally out of his control. This really bothered him, as he tries incredibly hard to provide excellent customer service -- and this person was simply being unreasonable.

Our kids overheard my end of the conversation and were concerned. When I hung up, they asked "What's going on?!" I responding by saying that daddy was having a hard day at work.

Well, that's all I needed to say -- Natalie immediately began making the "SORRY" banner to greet daddy when he came home, Allison started thawing out a steak for his dinner, and Holly whipped up one of his favorites -- brownies (which we all knows soothes any sore spot!)

I'm sure Evan would have offered an empathetic gesture, such as letting daddy win at basketball, had he been home at the time. This was so encouraging to me as a parent, and it meant the world to my hubby! Thank the good Lord that tomorrow's a new day.


Anonymous said...

How terribly sweet -- you're starting to see real evidence of the influence you've had in raising up great kids (people!).

Christi said...

What a special thing to do for Daddy!