Thursday, May 22, 2008

His Cinderella

Please lift up Steven Curtis Chapman and his family in your prayers today. It was heart-breaking news to hear that his 5 year old daughter went home to be with Jesus yesterday. Take a look at his website, along with this to get to know sweet little Maria. I can't imagine their pain.

Our whole family has fallen in love with one of SCC's latest singles called "Cinderella". It is a touching song about how quickly our seasons of parenting go by -- as our children grow and then they're gone.

Ironically, my husband has been working on that very song and will sing it at church on Father's Day. It will be all the more meaningful and poignant now ..... Life is fragile and precious.

Let's all hug our kids a little closer and cherish the blessings we've been given.


Kate said...

:D Big smiles!!! :D Yes, thanks for doing the happy dance with me...whooohooo!

Oh dear, my husband just told me about the Chapman tragedy this a.m. Oh my heart just breaks for them. He has been a long time fav singer of mine and I cannot imagine the pain of what they are walking through right now. Our family has experienced some pain in the arena of a accident involving our daughter, Chloe. God spared her life, but the emotion of that time has just come rushing back on me with this news. Oh my, my prayers will be for them today in the coming days...thank you for posting this.

God bless you richly, you are right...hugs those cherubs tight...we are not guaranteed tomorrow. But God is good...and we cling to the truth in the midst of the storms of life. God bless your day, friend!

Alicia said...

I'm so broken hearted over this news. That picture is hard for me to even look at.