Monday, January 5, 2009

We're definitely in the minority here

During our recent trip to Ohio, Greg & I wanted to show the kids the "horseshoe" -- the enormous stadium which hosts the home football games for THE Ohio State Buckeyes.

We were pleasantly surprised and rather amazed that the stadium gates were wide open, which we took as an invitation to come on in! I only wished I had planned ahead enough to be wearing my shoulder pads.

Here are the kids spelling out "O-h-i-o" at mid-field. Allison was bummed to have to be the boring old "I", but not everyone can have the glamour and prestige as the letter "O". Am I right?!
If you could actually see their faces, their expressions seem to be openly conveying, "mom, this is lame". But that didn't stop me from capturing this special moment in time, did it? I'd have no fun at all if I heeded such looks from my children!

It's apparent that Buckeye fans are very much in the minority in this neck of the woods (Kansas). I miss being in Columbus on big game days, when you could feel the electric tension in the air.

Our favorite team will be facing those Longhorn guys later tonight in a bowl of some sort...... Yes, I'm a die hard football fan. Mostly for the hot wings and snacks associated with such.

Which reminds me -- I'm going to make a batch of Buckeye candy to share and subsequently taunt our neighbors with, as they have equally dogmatic loyalties to the Texas Longhorns. It's a bit of a friendly, passive-aggressive cul-de-sac smackdown. AND I'm going to really push the envelope and hang our Ohio State football flag on their porch while they're at work.

Because that's what productive, responsible housewives do while you're all at the office. I'm a rebel. I just hope no one calls the cops on me. But if I do land in jail, I'll be wearing my OSU shirt over my convict stripes & hoping the jail has tv coverage of the game! And will attempt to charm the judge with Buckeye candy.



Red Bridges Home said...

Sharon - you honestly crack me up. I love the candy - but.. uhm.. I kinda grew up in Michigan and well. sorry. ;-)

Red Bridges Home said...

I didn't realize you guys were playing the Longhorns! - We rooted for Ohio last night. ;-) Oklahoma and Texas... well... If you live in Oklahoma, you root for whoever it playing Texas. Laugh.

Christi said...

Love it, I'm sure the neighbors loved you trespassing