Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mandatory Overtime

You know when employees are required to work overtime, without being given the option? That's about how I feel right now as a mommy. Without the time and a half.

Please don't misunderstand me. It's been a really great holiday break ....... TRULY ....... all 8 weeks of it (or so it seems). In a nutshell: It's been swell, but enough already! I say "over"; you say "kill". It's beginning to feel like a scene from Groundhog Day around here! Hence the twitching.
This picture accurately captures the energy of my youngest. Just imagine the noise level that accompanies that, um, enthusiasm. I can relate to the Grinch more than I care to admit, thinking to myself, "all the noise, NOISE, NOISE!" I'll take this opportunity to quote my little sis when speaking of Natalie: "She packs a lot of volume for such a little thing!" Yeah. I noticed.

I can vaguely remember the Christmas festivities in the kids' classrooms, which seems like ages ago at this point. It's all a haze now, and I find myself daydreaming, longing for the marvelous, blessed sight of the school bus reappearing. And in the bus driver's right hand she held a sword ..... oh wait, I'm getting confused with the book of Revelation. I won't lie -- I struggle against worshipping the school bus and idolizing all it stands for. I'm an education nut that way.

Oh, I kid. Kinda. Now where are my ear plugs?


Red Bridges Home said...

I updated my facebook yesterday to "I know why tigers eat there young, and I'm trying not to." ;-)

I'm right there with you. The boys got invited out today - lovely.. joyous friends.. movies that last two hours.. now I have enough quiet time to...

mop my floors. yeah.

Red Bridges Home said...

ooh and I meant THEIR young.

Anita said...

I feel the same way except my kids don't leave:) I tackled the play room today, tomorrow the laundry and if i'm feelin' lucky ....the office(spoken in dread.)