Saturday, January 31, 2009

200th Post !!!

Wow, my 200th post already! I guess when you're blogging about every little thing your CAT does, it really adds up!!

I've been especially busy this week. We hosted a women's event at our church which was cleverly dubbed "Chuckles & Cheesecake". (cute, huh?) Feel free to rip that idea off -- it's not copyrighted .... yet!

We had such a blast -- with plenty of goodies and even more laughs! I had the honor of serving as the resident comedienne (mainly because that's all our women's ministry budget could afford -- ZERO)! Let me tell you -- I think I could have stood there and sung the ABC's and they would have LAUGHED their delicately coiffed heads off! The crowd was definitely hungry for a chuckle. On a sidenote, I love that in an audience!

In lieu of charging admission, we held a silent auction. Our team put together a great variety of items up for bid, everything from manicures & massage to home decor and make-up.

It was such a gratifying evening, and such an encouragement to me personally in my new ministry in Christian comedy. I've always thrived on making people laugh -- it fills my heart with such joy! And it seems that God is beginning to open doors for me to expand and share this ministry with more and more people.

In fact, I have 2 gigs this coming week (that's what we in the biz call them -- "gigs"). I'm already booked for a few events in March. And yesterday, a lady from a large local church called me and wondered if I was still available on DECEMBER 3. Go figure -- it was still open. But not anymore! Yes, I'm already booked on Dec. 3, so don't ask!

A friend is going to videotape some of my upcoming performances and put together a promotional DVD for me! Another is going to help me build a web page. I'M SO EXCITED!

Please pray for this developing ministry -- that God would guide me and that He might continue to allow me the blessing of serving as His "funny bone in the body of Christ".


Jennifer said...

You get to be the funny exciting! I wonder what part I am? Hmmm...

Anita said...

You are very talented and needed in this time in our world! Keep up the good work. And thank you for being used by Christ in this way.

Love ya!

Alicia said...

That is so exciting! I'm so happy for you!

Amy said...

Way to go Sharon! I'm so glad that you are pursuing your dream!!! I'll plug you all I can here in the Southeast! THIS IS YOUR GIFT.