Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Youngest

We keep having problems with our youngest during the night. She's up at all hours bugging us ...... all -- night -- long. And seeing as I've long since passed the newborn days of being accustomed to arising every 2-3 hours, I'm not a very good sport when being awakened repeatedly. Especially when it's for NO good reason.

So therefore, we have banned our youngest to the garage at bed time. I know that sounds harsh, but none of us gets any rest if we don't. Sometimes I worry about her, as the temperature does tend to get chilly overnight. But then I remind myself that she has a warm coat & cozy blanket and should be just fine.

In the morning, she's always eager to come inside when I open the door. Until last week.

I opened the garage door and there was no sign of her. I started calling her name but got no response. I hunted and started wondering, "where is she?!" And then ...... THEN, I caught sight of her -- She had crawled inside our Suburban and spent the night there. Hey, I don't blame her! I'd settle into the "Lazy Boy" car seat myself too if I were her! I quickly grabbed my camera to capture this "bloggable moment" to share with you:

I'll have another Peanut story for you soon!


Amy said...

I love the way she won't even open her eyes for the picture! Cat's are oh-so-pretentious...or maybe it's just bored with us humans!

Alicia said...

So well written! Love it! Isn't she smart?

JDunn said...

So funny, Sharon. Aren't you clever! Great shot of Peanut...