Thursday, January 8, 2009

P.G. (Pre-Greg)

All I ever really wanted to be was a wife & mommy. Growing up, my ideal plan for my life looked like this: Marry in my early 20's and start a family by the age of 25. God swiftly vetoed MY plan and made me wait. And I mean really W--A--I--T........

Suffice it to say that before I finally met my husband in my late 20's, I survived a turbulent dating life. And that is the perfect word, turbulent, as defined by Webster: causing unrest, characterized by agitation. Tossed to and fro, unexpected and jarring jolts that left me rattled. Webster invented that word JUST FOR ME, friends, to accurately describe my young love life. They should post a picture of me with my big 80's hair in my best date outfit next to the definition!

I'm so glad that difficult chapter of my life is over. My experiences left me with waning self-esteem, wondering what was wrong with me? I found myself trying to conform and somehow will a square peg to fit nicely into a round hole. Wondering if it was supposed to be that hard. Thinking, is this as good as anyone can expect in a relationship? Are my expectations unrealistic? Am I going to need the assistance of a walker by the time I make it down the aisle?

There was a short season where I was engaged to the wrong guy for me. My desire to be a wife clouded my judgment and I'm sincerely grateful that God spared me that wrong path. He alone gave me the strength to face hard facts and give back the engagement ring. Months later, that former fiance' embraced an alternate lifestyle.

I believe God was preparing my heart all along to fully appreciate and recognize the right one when He allowed our paths to finally cross. When we did meet, the chemistry was instant and there was no looking back. HE was the one God saved just for me. And I'm beyond blessed.

Our friend Sarah took these shots for us -- she rocks! And as a side note, I admit that my "come hither" look in the first frame clearly needs work. In my mind's eye, I was channeling the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. I may have missed the mark. With that expression, I couldn't entice a tiger to take a big juicy steak out of my hand!


Alicia said...

I didn't marry until I was 27, and I can say the same thing about my dating life: tur BU lent! So happy for you! Love the picks, but hate that the last one is covered up! You may have done that for artistic effect, but it's such a great picture the whole thing should be seen!

Christi said...

You two are perfect for each other, he thinks you hung the moon and I think that is the cutest thing ever. God is good

Jennifer said...

Even Marcus understands that you two are the perfect match...though he came to that understanding thru karaoke. That's OK right?