Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Youngest is also a Bully

Yes, it's your lucky day. Back-to-back postings about my kitty cat. And half the bloggosphere just clicked "end".

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? Well, not really a fly -- that would be gross. I mean to observe without being noticed. Spy, if you will. I had that opportunity last week and it wasn't pretty. I saw a whole different & unlovely side of our youngest, Peanut.

From the vantage point of our 2nd story window, I noticed Peanut perched on the top of our backyard privacy fence. She was concentrating very intently on something I couldn't see. Then I saw it ...... the poofy tail of our neighbor's little powder puff dog. They own a darling Pomeranian (interesting fact: "Pomeranian" in German means wimpy, girly dog).

We're fairly certain our Peanut is pregnant again, and just like me, her pregnancy hormones have transformed her into an altogether different creature. She's downright aggressive and moody; just a shadow of her usual lovable, cuddly self.

Well, that surge of Peanut hormones didn't bode well for old "powder puff" next door. The little dog was oblivious as I watched Peanut begin to creep towards it, as if a cougar hunting a wildebeast. I felt like I was watching "Animal Planet: When Wild Animals Attack". Peanut would take a few delicate steps then freeze. Then a few steps. Freeze.

When powder puff turned and noticed her, he froze too. It was a stare down. "WHAT is that crazy cat gonna do?" Then Peanut poofed her fur up as big as she could in an attempt to intimidate. She then began hopping on all fours sideways, advancing towards the poor dog. It was quite a sight! I stared in equal parts horror and fascination.

Powder puff yipped and ran away as Peanut strutted around their patio in victory, sifting her paw through the dog's food dish to rub it in.

Oh yes, she's a bully. I witnessed the whole ugly incident and have grounded her for the weekend. NO Tom & Jerry for you, young lady! And powder puff, we're so sorry. Peanut does, after all, come from the tiger family. Question: Do they make Zoloft for expectant kitties?!


Christi said...

All I can do is laugh as I think about her hopping sideways across the yard! Too funny!

Marcus said...

Who is this "Man" in ms. Peanut's life. She is to young for this kind of thing. Have fun helping your cat and her sore... you know whats.:)