Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Who's been watching Terms of Endearment?

Evan surprised me this afternoon with a deep, impromptu conversation that went like this:

EVAN: Mom, if you're ever sick and know you're probably going to die, would you tell us kids?

ME: Well, would you want me to tell you?

EVAN: Yeah, I guess. That way I could cut a little piece of your shirt and ask you to autograph it, then have you to put lots of lipstick on and kiss a paper that I could keep and always remember you.

Wow, for a crazy 8-year-old boy, he has deep thoughts sometimes. For the record, I feel fine. A specimen of health. But if you want my autograph to be on the safe side, just say the word!


Jill said...

Aren't boys wonderful. I love the things they come up with.

Courtney said...

Sweet. I would do it anyway, and stick it in a frame and put it in his stocking at Christmas. It could be something for him to look back on one day at the idea he had. Adorable.

mommachellemd said...

Isn't that too funny. I stayed up until midnight watching Terms of Endearment two nights ago. Balled my eyes out, woke up with huge headache next morning. :) But spent the whole next day wondering how I would say goodbye to my kids.

Nothing like a little morbidity around the holidays.

Christi said...

I wonder what was on his mind? I agree with Courtney, you should do if for him...it would be sweet. Oh Evan, he is too funny

JDunn said...

Wow! Aren't you glad you wrote THAT one down. For the days when he's NOT so sweet (oh, wait, he's never not sweet...)That was a heart-string tugger for sure :)

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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