Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On the first day of Christmas break

Hello wall, meet my head. I can describe yesterday in one word: UGH. On the first day of Christmas break, my children gave to me -- a near nervous breakdown.

I had awakened early, with high hopes, imagining a festive day with my children. Making Christmas cookies. Doing crafts. Snuggling while sipping cocoa and watching a movie. Worthy of a stinkin' Rockwell Christmas painting, friends!

I donned my best apron, pearls and pumps, humming a happy tune while making a special breakfast of waffles topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips.

That Rockwell Christmas dream took a major hit at approximately 7:01 a.m. when my beloved children stampeded down the steps and proceeded to do bodily harm to each other over which breakfast plate they claimed. And yes, they were all identical. Mr. Rockwell's ideal Christmas image proceeded to die a slow, painful death throughout the day.

It was more like "Good Morning, Vietnam".

I accordingly kicked off my pumps and put on my combat boots. It was shaping up to be a day in the trenches.

It was just one of those days where you look for the hidden cameras of Candid Camera or wonder if someone's secretly shooting authentic footage for an anti-depressant commercial.

Here's a little secret: That doesn't bring out the best in me.

Our good friend loaned us Narnia: Prince Caspian, which I viewed as a major lifeline to make it through the day. That would be a good two hours of entertainment, where the kids would hopefully co-exist in peace.


When the movie was booting up, a huge argument occurred between my son and my youngest. It seems that they were spatting because Evan clicked on "English" as the preferred language. Natalie came unglued, because she didn't WANT to watch "English"; SHE WANTED TO WATCH PRINCE CASPIAN!!!!

Just a little real life example for you there. Charming.

And so the day went on ...... and on ....... and on ........ until I wondered if my husband would EVER come home from work.

At which point I greeted hubby and simultaneously retreated to a long, hot bubble bath with a good book. Do you remember the commercial, "Calgon, take me away"! That was SO me yesterday.

I awoke today with a clean slate, with new hope for a good, positive day together. Co-existing without blood shed. Making special memories. But this time, I'm going to clothe myself in prayer, instead of trying to do it all in MY strength and effort. Honey, you can put on the pearls and pumps, but if YOUR heart ain't right, it don't matter! Can I get an "AMEN"?!


Red Bridges Home said...


I'm so happy you posted this. I do feel your pain. Having tried such feats in the past. I sat at my computer today, pondering just how I was going to explain the first day of break - hubby home to boot - amid the "You want us to do WHAT?'s" of the day - we decided to take the boys (15 and 17) to the mall. ha ha ha haha

That will fill your stocking with joy abundant let me tell you. (SMILE)

Our evening ended with the oldest going to a friends christmas party, the other two watching the Bears play football...

I am in my cap with a nice glass or merlot.

Hubby had plans to be away from home today (gee, I wonder why) so I added (nicely) one errand - to please fetchest thy family the holiday beast for roasting. (turduckin at the meat market) -

For the rest of the crew - I declared today (day 2) a cleaning day. Bedrooms mostly. I'm now the grinch.

I'm hoping for a nice evening of watching The Christmas Story (the funny one) - not very spiritual - but hopefully one that will bring us into the same room for a time - in laughter and joy.

Love your blog and I hope you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Alicia said...

You've got an Amen from me!! I swear Natalie reacted exactly like Samantha would have!

Jennifer said...

Seriously - I was just thinking about that Calgon commercial a few days ago. I'd mention something about my tub being big enough for two, but this isn't that kind of blog and just because we met online doesn't mean we have to behave as such! HA!

Julie D said...

Okay....I'm sorry but I'm enjoying quite a chuckle over your day. Please forgive me. But I have been there too! The argument over the movie was great! It sounds like an argument my kids would have! Thanks for sharing!