Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cheering is a Full-Time Job!

As I've posted a time or five in my blog, my little Alli has begun her maiden voyage in the world of OFFICIAL cheerleading for her middle school.

I had no idea all that would involve. She has been utterly exhausted. It's a lot like DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS: Making the Team ..... without the skimpy uniforms. ThankyouJesus.

Not only does Alli have practice nearly every day after school, she also cheers two nights a week for the boys and girls' basketball teams alike. Back to back games. Some 2 1/2 hours of high energy kicks, jazz hands and plastered on smiles. Wears me out just thinking about it sitting on my couch. I need a snack, hold on.....

The whole family went to the boys' games on Tuesday night, and I was amazed at how talented and aggressive the players were, many of whom I remember from early years in elementary school.
Alli has a crush on one particular player ..... and after watching him on the court all night, I told her I have a crush on him too! He's pretty much the "Troy" of the school and I'm considering asking him to the homecoming dance. I just have to find a babysitter....
Moving on to Thursday night, we passed on watching the girls' games, and came towards the end of the games to pick up our favorite cheerleader.
When we got there towards the end of the 4th quarter ..... the game score was 8 to 7. Seriously! During the last seconds of the game, the score ended up tied at 8.
So we found ourselves in a sudden death situation, where the first team to score would win the game.
Can I just say that in a 7th grade girls' basketball game ...... that deadlocked score can stand for QUITE. a. while.
It was a nail biter, and after about 20 minutes of frenzied dribbling and wild shots, I'm happy to report that "the good guys" managed to land a free throw and win the game! GO JAGS! I did my best hurkey jump and we headed home to relish the victory. FINAL SCORE: 8 to 9. Look for the recap on ESPN.

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Jennifer said...

You have got to be kidding me! The score was 8 to 9? Not 38 to 39? Or even 28 to 29? EIGHT points? What did Alli do the whole night? Sounds like she could've taken a nap. I love it!