Monday, December 8, 2008

Plain Crazy, I tell ya!

Now I hate to stoop to ..... um ..... well, talking about the weather. And this is most decidedly NOT to just make idle small talk, folks.

Although I will come clean and admit there's absolutely NOTHING else going on that's interesting at the moment, so I'm had pressed for a topic. Unless you find my cleaning the house in my p.j.'s while belting it out with Karen Carpenter's Christmas CD fascinating.

Anyway, about the weather. It's CRAZY! The current temperature is 67 -- albeit with 70 mph winds. But here's the kicker: the trusty weathermen are predicting snow tomorrow. (see how I bolded that for emphasis?!)

When the kids get home from school, we're going to play outside and eat popsicles ..... Then we'll get to bed early to have energy to shovel the snow in the driveway tomorrow morning. I tell you, people -- I'm having to keep both tank tops and wool coats alike handy around here!

Ta ta for now -- I need to go apply my sunscreen. And then dig out my flannel pajamas.


JDunn said...

Can you believe this?! I'm actually loving it myself. Winter and me are mortal enemies. Dry skin, asthma, icy roads. I LOVE snow, but hate the bitter cold wind. So on those rare snow days when you can play in deep wet snow, but still breathe, it's great.

Alicia said...

Okay, that's funny! And here's some weather from my angle. It's a cloudy/chilly 58 degrees right now at 3:30 in San Diego! Colder than Kansas! But we will have a boring and sunny 71 degree high tomorrow.