Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Spirit Abounds

I had a very special experience yesterday, which truly filled my heart with Christmas joy.

Typically when I'm entering Wal-Mart, it's with a decidedly unglamorous shopping list, including such items as dishwashing liquid and cream cheese. I put my head down and get to work comparing prices on margarine and shampoo.

But yesterday's trip to Wal-Mart was different. Every year, our school's 4th graders sell personalized keepsake ornaments, with the proceeds going towards making Christmas extra special for the needy in the community. I had the privilege of joining Holly's class for that shopping excursion.

We were virtually Santa's elves, and loving every minute of it! I finally found my calling in life -- I want to be an elf! I'm going to chat with Santa at the mall and see if he can hook me up.

Back to the shopping .... Each group was given an anonymous list of family members, with their sizes and interests. Working within our allotted budget, we had a ball picking out items which we thought would bring them joy on Christmas morning.

I do hope the daddy enjoys his holiday boxer shorts. We spent a little extra on the ones that jingle.

Seriously, it brought tears to my eyes, thinking of the anonymous little girl who will excitedly open her much-desired princess toy on Christmas morning. All thanks to the generosity of our wonderful community.

And that's when my heart was filled to the brim with the Christmas spirit ..... in the toy aisle of Wal-Mart (which usually gives me hives).

Guess what I'm getting for Christmas? I'll give you a clue: I'm a princess too. A CROWN! Only I'll be wearing it on my molar. (I'm pretending it's my "white girl grill") Fo-shizzle.


Alicia said...

You are hysterical!!! What a great Wal-mart trip. Definitely the best I've ever heard!

I'm going to the dentist today-1st time in 5 years. Ugh.

Christi said...

I bet your crown is so pretty!

Jennifer said...

Too bad it's not gonna be gold. If things ever got real bad, we could yank it off and I'd sell it for you on eBay! Entrepreneur and dentist - almost the same, right?

Ramywert said...

Awww...I loved that fundraiser and fieldtrip. What a neat thing that Mrs. Becker has still kept this going!
Amy W.