Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brace Yourself ... I Had a Deep Thought

Yes, it's true. I had an uncharacteristically deep thought today, which I will now attempt to articulate to you.

Yesterday brought our first real snow of the season. When looking out the window, you felt as though you were in the middle of a snow globe .... and some crazy brat was shaking the globe with all his (or her) might. Beautiful.

Although there wasn't much depth accumulated in the snowfall, the roads were very slick as a result. Even in our heavy Suburban, we were slip sliding all the way to school. A nerve wracking commute, to be sure.

No matter how cautiously I attempted to drive, I couldn't know what was around the corner waiting for us. What's down the road? Could be a slick spot, maybe a pile-up of cars, or perhaps be dry and clear. I could hold the wheel tightly and be alert, but ultimately I recognized that I had only a certain amount of control.

There have been seasons in my life where I've held gripped the the steering wheel with white knuckles, determined to go MY preferred way. I gritted my teeth and prayed for the outcome I envisioned.

And sometimes the path has been dry and clear, and other times I've ended up skidding out of control. He's allowed me experience quite a few bumps over the years! "But God, I don't want to go that way"!

Ultimately, God has the control, despite my efforts in the flesh. He knows best and has the perfect plan for my life, no matter how I may try to resist and steer my own direction.

It reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw that read: If Jesus is your co-pilot, YOU'RE in the wrong seat". The word of the day is "YIELD" -- to Him!


Jill said...

That's really neat, thanks for sharing. You know you could write a book!

Christi said...

You are the greatest big sister ever!

Red Bridges Home said...

Great thoughts..and very true. thanks for posting that.