Thursday, December 11, 2008

Inappropriate Laughter

I don't know what it is about me .... but when faced with certain stressful situations, I tend to react by giggling. The kind where I'm unable to stop. As Oprah would say, "the ugly giggle". Trying so hard not to, but that giggle's gonna win. It's a strong force in the gut of my being.

If it had happened only once, I could shrug it off. I'm here to admit that I find myself giggling at completely inappropriate times. I've looked in the yellow pages and there's a gaping hole in the "anonymous" support group network for that issue -- so I'm turning to you. Still love me? Does anyone out there feel the need to sponsor an intervention?

For example, when my kids get hurt -- and I mean more than a typical scraped knee -- I can feel the giggle rising up in my belly and I've got to fight to keep it down. Because to sound like a laughter track from Three's Company does NOT convey love, care and concern for my injured child. Am I right? Although that Jack was a crazy piece of work.

Years ago, I accidentally shut my niece's arm in the car door (sorry again, Kelsey). I could hardly get out the sentence, "I ... don't .... think ..... it's ....... broken" through my halted laughter. AND I'M A certified MERCY GIRL, friends!

Can any of you relate? I have a hunch it's an adrenaline related thing.

And if I'm ever visiting you in the Intensive Care Unit and you happen to notice my uncontrollable cackling ..... you'll understand why. And I'd like to apologize in advance. It's going to be so very insensitive of me.

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Bethany said...

OK, I do the same thing. Kid gets hurt and starts screaming and I find this wierd giggle coming out. Matt just dropped a can opener on his foot. He is writhing in pain and he looks at me and says, please don't laugh. What is wrong with me??? If you find that support group, please let me know.