Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ya-Hoo ... OR ... Boo Hoo ?

A friend shared a neat thing with me that I thought might be "blog worthy".

At her child's school, they host something called a "Ya-Hoo or Boo Hoo" get together.

After parents drop off their kids on the first day of school, they are invited to the gymnasium -- where they enjoy refreshments .... and subsequently share in celebration OR shed some tears together.

There's a "YA-HOO" corner, and a "BOO HOO" corner, depending upon your first day of school feelings.

I'll be honest -- I'm of the YA-HOO persuasion. I've always been excited and happy (deliriously happy, even) to send the kids off to school ...... and if I'm really honest, some of that is selfishly based.

Sure, there's a tinge of "oh, my baby's growing up"..... but it's quickly followed by a "SEE YA", and my subsequently skipping to the car -- ALONE.

So.....what about you? Which corner would you migrate to? Are you doing a joy jump like the overalled lady above, or doing an ugly cry like our "friend" to the right, on the first day of school?


Christi said...

I seem to be of the Ya-Hoo persuasion as well, yeah it is kind of sad to see them grow up, but at the same time fun to see them learning and being more self sufficient. So YA-HOO!

Busymama Kellie said...

Definitely Ya-Hoo. I'm thrilled to see them happy to be independent and making new friends. Then when they come home I grab them and make them promise to always be my baby and never get too big for slobbery kisses. Healthy huh? :)

Alicia said...

What an awesome idea!! There was a time would I would say "ya-hoo" absolutely! And I have one circle of friends who actually question why moms would send their preschoolers off, to which I reply "BECAUSE MOMS NEED A BREAK!!" But I have to admit, Kindergarten has been rough on me, and some days it's a boo hoo day.