Thursday, September 4, 2008

Color Me Humbled

On Labor Day, our family enjoyed a day at the beach. YES, a day at the beach ... in Kansas -- go figure. Without the threat of hurricanes. (a tornado, maybe...) You might call our destination a "lake", but I think "beach" sounds so much more glamorous.

Another family arrived shortly afterwards, and I overheard their little girl say, "This lake smells like a toot". Like I said, glamorous.

We had a big time, splashing, hitting the beach ball around and digging in the sand. Well into our outing, my youngest informed me .... (deep breath) ..... that my legs looked like I was wearing WHITE TIGHTS. ouch.

Clearly NOT the look I was going for on the beach. And this is WITH the aid of self-tanner. Or in my case, self-off-whiter.

It reminded me of our honeymoon in Cancun ..... Upon arrival, a local said to me, (insert Mexican accent) "You just get here to Mehico? You so WHITE!!!" (as in disbelief) The kicker was, I had indeed gone to the tanning bed faithfully before hand. Again, ouch.

I'll just embrace my inner lilly whiteness now.


Alicia said...

I live in San Diego, and I can't get my skin to be anything other than off-white! Together we can blind people with our skin!

Anonymous said...

I'm losing my summer tan and can't decide if I'm vain enough to pay for some more! Somehow that tan just makes it easier to deny the cellulite.