Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Like Oprah That Way

Herewith and within are my very own personal book club recommendations. (I'm giddy with power and influence)

And I fully expect these books to be flying off the shelf as a direct result. In fact, there's already a vase set out for the flowers Doubleday Publishing will likely send me in thanks.

Let the record show that I hereby recommend the book at the right, "Exercise Can be Fun", which the kids brought home from school. I may even do a knee bend with Natalie, just for kicks.

And don't miss this author's other publications, including:

"Sweating is Sweet Stuff",
"Blisters are Bliss",
" Jolly Jock Itch",
"Athletes Foot is Fantastic",

"Pain is our Pal"

and my personal favorite:
"Root Canals are a Riot" -- which helped prepare me for my "surprise" root canal earlier this week.

That should be enough to keep you busy all weekend -- Happy Reading!

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Alicia said...

How cute. I love book recommendations!