Monday, September 1, 2008

It was the Best of Times ... and the Worst of Times

We had such a nice Labor Day frolicking at the lake with friends. (when's the last time you heard the word "frolick", anyway?)

Lots of swimming + playing in the sand + endless junk food = a grand time to be had by all. We came home exhausted, happy and just a little sunburned. Well worth the price of admission! So that covers the "best of times" part of our day .....

The "worst" of times (for my children) occurred when we returned home knowing that most of our kittens would be heading to new homes tonight. I had placed an ad online just yesterday, and overnight they were all spoken for already!

So one by one tonight, the kids bid farewell to their beloved kitties. Let me tell you, it was absolutely HEARTBREAKING, all the way around. Such innocent, simple grief.

One man told Evan that he was surprising his young son with one of our kittens (Evan's kitten, as a matter of fact), because this boy had just gotten over the grief of losing his cat to kidney disease. As this man left, he asked if it would be okay if his son called Evan to thank him. Isn't that wonderful? So it helped a little to know that the kittens will bring such joy to others.

I just tucked 4 kids in bed who all had tears streaming down their little faces ..... and I just wanted to take their hurt away so badly. I know that the pain will fade over time for them, and it's just a fact of life, but to be a mother is to empathize with all your children go through.

And this is major for them.

So maybe tomorrow I'll try to write something funny ..... but tonight my heart is just heavy for my sweetheart kiddos.


JDunn said...

Oh Sharon, my heart breaks with yours and the kiddos. Tears are already welling up in my eyes. I can only imagine what my two girls would do. Praying for the heartache to ease soon.

Alicia said...

Oh, that is so sad.