Friday, September 26, 2008

Embarrassment Runs in our Family

Last night, Evan told me he was confused as to the meaning of the word "gossip". Apparently that term had been raised in his 3rd grade class earlier that day, and the teacher had asked the kids what it meant.

Evan confidently raised his hand and answered "it's a scary looking person who only wears red and black." (insert confused look from the teacher) ...... Um, not quite. Anyone else?

So Evan was embarrassed and didn't really catch the true meaning of the word. As he was telling me all this, and I was wondering "what in the world could he have been thinking of, when he offered that answer?" Gossip ...... hmmm .......

Can you guess? Scroll down .......

Turns out he was thinking of the word "gothic" or "goth", and had THIS mental image:

On a separate note, I was on my way to meet a friend for lunch yesterday. She told me to call her as I arrived at her office parking lot, and she'd scoot out and meet me.

On the way there, I realized that I didn't have her phone number stored in my cell phone -- but I was 90% sure I remembered it. So I dialed that number and was greeted by a cheerful "hello". Being the goofball that I am, I said "Hey, get your skinny little arse out to the flag pole and let's go to lunch"!


Voice on the other end, "um, EXCUSE me?"

Wrong number. Oops!

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Kate said...

HIL-AR-IOUS!!!! ~~~~~~~ that's me, ROFL!!!!!! :D