Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Turn the Channel -- STAT !!

Not that I'm an over-protective psycho mom (most of the time, anyway), but I do make a conscious effort to shield my children from inappropriate material on television. And there's plenty of trash out there -- Amen? CAN I GET A WITNESS???!

In fact, now that our kids are nearing puberty, we have only recently allowed a hand full of various Y7 rated shows. That's the hard core stuff, people ..... like SpongeBob. Bob the Builder never looked so lame. He's SO yesterday!

You'd think that it would be "innocent" enough for them to watch a Nickelodeon show while snarfing down an after-school Ding Dong. Well, that's exactly what Evan was doing yesterday, while I typed away next to him on our laptop.

During a commercial break, I vaguely overheard this phrase: "so be sure and ask your mom and dad about sex". It was a public service announcement of some type, quite possibly sponsored by Hooters or such.

My ears perked up and my brows furrowed simultaneously, and I immediately focused on the commercial -- and YES, that's exactly what was said. In fact, they repeated that very line for good measure. ON THE NICKELODEON CHANNEL! (my internal dialog was screaming, "WHERE'S THE REMOTE????!!!!!)

I blinked in disbelief, held my breath and slinked down a little lower behind my laptop screen ..... because our boy is only 8 years old and we're firm believers in holding off on that "TALK" until his 27th birthday. In fact, we've already ordered a birthday cake in the shape of a bird and a bee. I'll do the math for you -- we still have 19 years to "prepare". In other words, we don't quite have the script nailed down yet.

SO........ you guessed it. Little man turned to me, looked me directly in the eyes, and asked, "Mom, what is sex?" (What is the country of origin? Could you use that in a sentence? Wait, NOOOO, don't use that in a sentence)!

I responded the way any well-adjusted parent would ..... I told him that those are the things we put on our feet to keep them warm.

And then I scurried off. I don't think he bought it.


Alicia said...

Tell me that is not for real. What was the REASON? What was the commercial about? Oh, I'm sick!

Christi said...

Oh Girlll,
I would have been like,
"It's what a HUSBAND and WIFE do during tickle time after hours when you are asleep, now go wash my car."
Bow Chick'a Wow Wow

SarahJeanie said...

My sister is dirty! I love your response! Kids will sure keep you on your toes! At least they aren't ordering Margaritas in public!!!!!

Bethany said...

With a baby on the way in our house, my 5 year old keeps asking me how the baby got in my tummy. My answer to this much easier question, God put it there. Nope, I'm not the virgin Mary but she seems to be OK with that answer. (: Good Luck with yours. Yikes