Friday, August 29, 2008

One of "Those" Mornings

This morning was "one of those mornings" ..... to begin with, we flat out overslept. Nothing starts the day with a jolt like the frantic realization that the school bus is coming in 12 minutes and we're all in our p.j.'s, wiping sleep from our eyes.

And I shant be driving them to school when the good Lord above created school buses for that divine purpose. On the 6th day of creation, if memory serves me right.

Back to our morning ..... it wasn't going well.

Natalie couldn't find anything she wanted to wear. She's one of those kids who's prone to utter "this doesn't FEEL right" when getting dressed. (Ugh!) Me: "IT FELT FINE LAST WEEK WHEN YOU WORE IT!" I was about to just let her leave her Little Mermaid nightgown on. After all, if accessorized with a stylish strand of beads and Sunday shoes, it might just resemble a real outfit.....

Evan wanted to wear a dirty outfit, then couldn't find 2 socks that matched to save his life. Me: "JUST FIND 2 SOCKS THAT ARE CLOSE ENOUGH"! I think he ended up with one Strawberry Shortcake sock paired with a tube sock.

Holly was blocked access to our car to retrieve a backpack, as our neighbor's "lovely" cat, Runt, was blocking the sidewalk and hissing at her .... looking eager for an excuse to pounce on her with claws extended. On OUR sidewalk. I swear that cat is half Tazmanian Devil. I threw a broom at her and told her to show Runt who's boss! Hasn't she seen the "Crocodile Hunter"?! Crikey!

Getting a visual image of the whole scene?

After shoving them out the door with hurried, half-hearted tidings, I closed the door and exhaled a big sigh.

Just in time to spy the book left on the table that Natalie MUST return to her class today. You know, the one she was worried sick about forgetting.

Still being in my nightgown myself (and decidedly not a trendy Ariel one), I wasn't about to traipse down to the bus stop, flailing a paperback in the air. Even with beads and pumps, I instinctively knew I couldn't pull off the nightgown-as-an-outfit option suggested above.

My hubby / hero threw on some shorts and darted down to the bus stop ..... JUST as the bus was pulling away from our stop. But he didn't give up there, NO! He's not a quitter.

Since he was in the car, he literally chased the bus, trying to catch up and pass the book off at the next stop. Or the next one. Or MAYBE the one after that. He never could quite catch up, and ended up coming home with the *#%$%@! book in hand. I laughed out loud at that sight.

So right after I finish my coffee and quality time with Matt Lauer, I'm off to the school to take the book to Natalie. And maybe I'll even take a pair of matching socks to Evan. AND perhaps some first aid cream and band-aids to Holly.


Jennifer said...

I SO feel you on this one. At least it wasn't Sunday morning...have you ever yelled in fury, "GET IN THE VAN - IT'S TIME TO GO LEARN ABOUT JESUS!"? It's a good thing you didn't run to the bus stop in your nightie. Your Hispanic hottie may have been driving by and taken it as a sign from above! :)

Alicia said...

Crazy!!! I am seriously exhausted just reading that. Do something fun for yourself today!

SarahJeanie said...

My first reaction... I'm glad it's not me! ;-) Seriously though, I hope the rest of your day got better! Thanks for making me laugh!

Christi said...

You could write a book about "mornings in the McCoy house" has to be challenging to get four kids out the door in the morning. You do a good job though, even on days like today!

JDunn said...

Okay, now I know why you looked punky when I ran in to you at school Friday. ah me. Yes, my children think are told it is a privilege to ride the big yellow bus thingy. All perspective, isn't it?