Friday, August 15, 2008

7th Grade Never Looked SO Cute

My oldest baby started 7th grade today. That's just plain CRAZY.

Doesn't she look CUTE? When I headed to 7th grade back in 1948, I boasted an eerie resemblance to Ugly Betty.
I vividly remember Alli as a newborn, then as a clingy, painfully shy toddler. I find myself reflecting on her first day of preschool, then her first day of kindergarten ...... All those "firsts" for my firstborn.

And I know that all day I'll have a little pit in my stomach -- a dull ache .... hoping and praying that her first day goes well for her, and wondering what she's doing at this very moment.

Before my eyes, she's developing into a truly sweet young lady, who is well-adjusted and caring.
I'm so proud and blessed to call her mine. What a gift!


Kate said...

very very cute!!!! happy school days...we haven't started yet, the 25th is our lucky day!! ;)

Christi said...

She really is turning into so such a beautiful sweet spirited little thing! We love Alli