Friday, August 1, 2008

Is This a CRUEL Joke?

I received some mail yesterday that no summer-time mom should ever receive. It was even more unwelcome than a jury duty notice. But not as bad as a nasty-gram from the IRS.... hypothetically speaking, of course.

I can only HOPE that I'm being punk'd.

Just as we were in the home stretch of summer break, we learned that the finish line has just been extended a bit. That hurts. DEEPLY.

It seems the school building isn't quite ready for use (the kids are attending a brand new school this year).

I, for one, intend to picket....Right after I offer to work weekends to help get the joint ready. I might even rally the Amish community to aide in a barn-raising of sorts.

For the record, I find walls and finished floors to be downright pretentious and unnecessary. All the kids really need is a slate and a book or two. Think "Little House on the Prairie". If it's good enough for Miss Beedle, it's good enough for us!

In the spirit of Half Pint, we'll make an extra trip to the fishin' hole during our BONUS days of summer "vacation". (Clearly, teachers came up with THAT term)

It's official, I'm an education fanatic, as my friend Christi reminded me! I firmly believe kids should be in school, regardless of inclement weather or construction issues.


Christi said...

I can understand how deeply hurtful this is knowing that you are such a fanatic about education!

Jennifer said...

Oh painful. I'd offer to come help finish the building, but my kids are starting on time, so I'll be busy getting a facial and pedicure at the spa. I'd hate to mess up a perfectly good nail polish job. I'd be happy to swing by with some snacks, though. See - aren't I helpful?