Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's THAT Time -- Hold my Calls until Fall

I need to come clean and admit that I am an unashamed Olympic junkie.

By that, I exercise no discretion with regard to the particular event -- I'll have it on the tube, cheering on our American contenders.

And no, I don't expect to get much else done until late September. That's why I vaccuumed and did the dishes on Friday morning, to tide us over.

I can only imagine what that experience must be like for the athlete -- AND for their parents watching in the stands.

Evan asked me if we would come watch him compete in the Olympics when he's older. Love that confidence! I assured him that we'd be there, cheering him on -- with me doing the "ugly cry" the whole time on camera for the whole wide world to see. And I'll need reconstructive surgery afterwards on my nail bed which I've undoubtedly chewed down to bloody nubs.

The fam has been gathered round the tv, enjoying the immaculate opening festivities, learning about China and the history of the Olympics and taking in all the different events. For the record -- if anyone from the Olympic Committee is reading, Natalie feels that the beach volleyball girls "need to put on more clothes."

My favorite so far has been the mens' gymnastics ..... even with Evan proclaiming EVERY single time, "NICE ARM PIT HAIR!!!" to
male gymnast.
It was actually amusing the first dozen times or so.

I catch myself literally holding my breath while each gymnast takes their turn. You see, we're kindred spirits. I'm a gymnast of sorts myself, having been forced to participate in middle school that one dark semester. Nothing builds self-esteem like having to run and catapault off the vault with the entire 6th grade class observing.

Let's just say I didn't quite nail the landing. Or the mat, for that matter.
That's what inspired me to take up typing.

Amazingly, that little mishap was caught on tape HERE.


Jennifer said...

I'm with ya. I love the Olympics, too. As a child, I would wear a leotard and pretend to be a gymnast in our basement. No one had the heart to tell me that my chances of being a 6 foot tall gymnast were slim. Oh well - one can dream.

Ramywert said...

You make me laugh, Sharon! Thank you for sharing your gift!

Alicia said...

Totally an Olympics Junkie here, as well! Completely understand! And I have had company, I've gone out of town, and I've had thing after thing the whole time the Olympics have been on. I'm a zombie, busy all day, then staying up until the wee hours of the morning to watch. I'm a wreck, but it's so special to me!