Sunday, August 17, 2008

Game ON

Having attended a basketball camp recently at the local high school, Evan decided to host his own BB camp for the neighborhood kids.

Which would be the equivalent of my offering a synchronized swimming work shop, when I can't go under water without holding my nose. Well, I can ..... but then there's the consequent sputtering and coughing as a result.

Anyway, he excitedly went door to door with invitations in hand and baited breath.

(Did I mention that he intended to charge 10 cents per child? I told him that only the seasoned professionals garner that kind of cash.)

The morning of the event our little coach had an agenda all planned and was pacing the cul-de-sac long before the big "camp" was scheduled to begin. ("just in case they're early")

I was following the boss' orders, whipping up a pitcher of Kool Aid for the event ... secretly hoping and praying that SOME ONE would show up!! Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see Shaq, Kobe and Michael Jordan show up, as are seen in the above picture. They look shorter in person than you'd think!

And I'll keep our wading pool "open" for a few more weeks, if you're interested in that synchronized swimming lesson.


Christi said...

He is quite the little business man, I have to say I am surprised at the low, low price of 10 cents per player. After seeing the garage sale items I would have at least though 50 the way, sign me up for your swimming lessons next week, I have been perfecting my underwater out!

Jennifer said...

I'm tellin' you...I have dibs on that child once he's of legal employment age. No kidding - he's a natural entrepreneur. Love it! And yes - I'm with Christi - I'll come to your class. YouTube here we come!