Sunday, August 3, 2008

Got Milk ?

Can I get a tad bit personal on this post? It may be PG rated.....

Suffice it to say that we've got lactation issues in Kittyville. And I feel for poor mama cat, Peanut. Oh, I truly do.

Those kittens seemingly want to nurse all the time, and mommy's outnumbered -- literally. It would appear that she's only got 4 working spickets up and running to accommodate 6 kittens. You do the math = ouch.

She's sore to the point that she growls and makes painful noises while the young-unz nurse. I called LeLeche League for assistance and they apparently don't deal with felines.

I then searched the internet with key words such as "Cat Breastfeeding", "Feline Nursing" and "Kittens Making Mama Cat's ta-tas Bleed" and I learned a few things but not necessarily helpful ones for this particular matter. In fact, I may be scarred for life in certain ways.

Anyhoo, we decided today to intervene a bit and feed the kittens by dropper. Peanut nervously watched nearby, licking the Neosporin off her sore unmentionables all the while.

On a brighter note, the kittens' eyes are almost all open now ..... and the last of their umbilical cords have fallen off.

Which reminds me .... Evan recently discovered the treasure of a shed umbilical cord on the floor near the kittens. So, being the little stinker brother he is, he flung it at his sisters and then ran off as fast as his little legs would carry him.

The sisters were NOT amused. Think the bloody finale scene of "Carrie".

I found myself stating with authority a phrase I've never said in my life, nor probably ever will again (hopefully) -- "EVAN, DO NOT FLING UMBILICAL CORDS AT YOUR SISTERS EVER AGAIN!!!"

Yes, we're proud. Never a dull moment around here.

Oh, and SOOOOOO many of you have asked about Peanut's gift registry. Your waiting is over! Her selections are made she's got her paws crossed hoping to receive this and especially has her heart set on this item. If you prefer to go practical with your gift giving, take a look at this for your consideration.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!


Christi said...

The leopard print "I'm the cats meow" is on back order, but I am hoping to have it for Peanut when she is ready to got back on the town...

Amy W said...

The "practical" gift is hysterical. Of course the entire post is hysterical, so just for fun, I've tagged you on my blog. You're IT!