Friday, July 11, 2008

Update from the Maternity Ward

Here are a few shots of 2 of my favorite "lil gals" -- Holly and Peanut. You may notice Peanut's tummy expansion -- we can feel the kittens moving!

These scenes were a little out of character for our mommy-to-be ......

She's going through her pregnancy much like I did mine -- with the mantra "leave me alone and don't even think about touching me!"

When I was a little girl, I witnessed our cat having kittens ..... as I recall, it resembled a position similar to this, except the cat wasn't smiling:
I'll keep you posted! In the meantime, how many free kittens should we put YOU down for?


Jennifer said...

Don't you dare mention to Mason that you have kitties available. He has wanted a cat for a long time, and I just don't need that drama! :) Maybe we can come over for a field trip after they're born. No fair sneaking one in the van as we're leaving, though!

Christi said...

That is a big fat 0 for me too...not kitties allowed at the Kingsley place. Oh so cool that you can feel them moving!
BTW, thank you so much for the popsicles today and the yummy mommy are too good to me!

JDunn said...

Your cat is HUGE. I remember our cats (yes, plural) having kittens while I was growing up...Ruth Anne will freak OUT when she finds out you guys are giving kittens away. I don't think pet ownership is on the list of allowed occupations at the Dunn household at this point, however. We ARE babysitting a rabbit this week, though...oh boy, if the kids see your kittens I'm doomed from the start. I think I'll tell my brother, though. They don't have any pets, YET. Godd luck giving them away.