Monday, July 14, 2008


LET THE RECORD SHOW THAT I AM UP ON MY CURRENT EVENTS. The "important" ones, that is.........

You may recall this little mishap last year. A memorable sight, to be sure.

Well, have you seen this??? De ja vu. I can't believe tragedy struck AGAIN last night, two years in a row! At least the whole world wasn't watching. Maybe only half.

Geesh, my heart goes out to these girls!! And their mothers. I can't imagine sitting in the audience on pins and needles, watching my daughter compete at such a level. And then see her crash and burn. And then applaud herself in an attempt to play it off. (Maybe no one noticed ...)

Can you imagine the pressure?! I practically needed therapy when my oldest made the finals in the "Andover Idol" contest! And that's not QUITE as vast a venue, mind you. All 13 of us in the stands were nervous for our performing children, nonetheless.

My advice to USA's next Miss Universe contestant -- WEAR SOME GOOD STURDY BOOTS with traction, for crying out loud. Those stiletto roller skates aren't working for ya!


Amy Storms said...

It's pretty amazing that it happened twice in a row, isn't it? Poor things. I fall down all the time, and I don't even wear heels.

And that's a good thought about the scantily clad women's AC. Maybe I'll try dressing that way, just to cool off. I'll have to keep track, though, of how many people shudder and vomit when I go by.

Amy W said...

Wow. I think the first one pulled it off much better than the second one. #2 looked like she was ready to get off the stage & have a good cry. That's what I would have done anyway!!