Thursday, July 17, 2008

May We Rummage Through Your Sale?

One of the things I like about our little town is ..... we LOVE us some yard sales. There are always a slew of them to peruse -- and the BIG day for them around here is Thursday.

To our delight, LOTS of locals decided to have sales today (undoubtedly in an attempt to pay off their recent fireworks overdose .....) Loan sharks were loitering about, ready to break some knee caps if that case of cherry bombs wasn't paid off by noon.

We found some swanky dress-up shoes and matching sparkly clutch purse for Natalie for a grand total of 50 cents. FASHION PLATE on a budget. (For the record, I tried on those shoes at the yard sale and it was reminiscent of Cinderella's step-sisters ... but I'm not bitter)

Evan was thrilled to find a mother lode of Pokemon cards at another sale, which will hopefully keep him occupied until school resumes. (Note the slightly crazed look in his eyes)

We found a hair straightener for Allison, and a brand new craft set for Holly. (yes, she made it home from camp last night and had a wonderful time).

What about you -- What's the best garage sale find you want to share?

1 comment:

Christi said...

Brand new Tupperware food chopper for $1, I use it al the time and LOVE IT!