Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Man's Treasure .....

is another man's JUNK !!!

The kids have gotten inspired to have a yard sale.

Translation: "Mom, get ready to spend countless hours having a yard sale for us, because we'll tire of the whole scene before the first customer has even paid."

I challenged each of them to gather some "treasures" to peddle -- and then had to offer more specific instructions when they were all offering items belonging to their siblings. i.e., Find at least FIVE of your OWN items to offer up, and they need to be bigger than my hand. (We adhere to a strict "no Happy Meal toys qualify" policy, thank you!)

And on a side note ..... it's amazing how much value things suddenly hold around here when it's potential merchandise. Talk about renewed passion!

My little guy is clearly a mogul in the making and is approaching this money-making proposition very seriously. Case in point, see Exhibit A below:

He wrote the following on this bag of gumballs (which he extracted from his Easter Bunny gumball machine from Easter, 2004): 5 cents each, OR $2.75 for whole bag.

Obviously, we need to do a little brushing up on the math skills ..... If the customer bought the gumballs individually, the total would only be $1.05.

Hmmmmm, perhaps he's hoping no one exerts the brain cells to actually do the math. It is SUMMER BREAK, after all. And I, for one, officially miss school.


Christi said...

I hear 2004 was a good year for gum balls..

Jennifer said...

Dibs on Evan. I want him working for me when he's older. Love that capitalist mentality!