Monday, July 21, 2008

Guilty Pleasure(s)

This post may be controversial, but here goes: I LOVE "PROJECT RUNWAY" on BRAVO! I'm shouting it from the mountain top, unashamedly!!!

Season 5 kicked off this past Wednesday night, and the designers were challenged to create a runway look from -- are you ready -- items ONLY found in a grocery store! WHAT?!

The creative uses of every day items were impressive ..... such as coffee filters above (likely the 4-cup size), thumb tacks to adorn the belt and vaccuum cleaner bags cleverly painted and used for the skirt! (this was the week's winning look)

Not surprisingly, the "evil scientist getting ready to clean her toilet" look didn't go over so well with the judges -- and this designer was sent-a-packin'. (If you look closely at the picture, even the model has an expression that suggests, "what the?")

Can you guess what this blue dress is made from?

Go ahead, I'll wait while you think.....

NUTTIN' BUT PLASTIC CUPS, FOLKS! I would be more impressed if it weren't for the fact that I constructed my entire last year's Fall wardrobe with nothing but plastic forks.

Of course, these models are so tiny, they could have strung 2 Dixie cups together with a strand of cooked spaghetti and called it a day.
(and just between you and me ...... I suspect that one of the male designers might have gay tendencies ....... )


Christi said...

One time at band, I am impressed. I didn't know plastic cups could look so good. I think I would need to use the Big Glup cups though...

Kate said...

soooo funny, i like that show too!!! :) hey wonder if that plastic cup one was POKEY...ouch!! :} you are too funny, i am SURE SURE SURE you could come up with 100 things...come on, you know you want to try it!!! :)