Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We are the CHAMPIONS, my friend

GO JAYHAWKS! OK, I'll be honest -- It's not that I really care ALL that much about college basketball. But in Kansas, we'll take bits of excitement wherever we can find it!
I was tickled to see Alli get into the spirit of the championship game with this kooky get-up, complete with red lipstick used for face paint! (Elaine on Seinfeld would be so disturbed....) Her little sisters quickly followed suit -- Alli's a leader that way. :-)
All 4 kids were CRAZY with school spirit during the BIG game. Such fun! And when KU won in overtime, it was even BETTER. I'll bet we have 4 little future Jayhawks here under our roof. I hope they don't leave the nest too soon!
Have a blessed day!!!!!!

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Jill said...

We bought our kids matching jayhawks shirts and made them wear them for the final four game and the championship game. GO KU!!!