Sunday, April 20, 2008

Three-Ring Circus

No, I'm not blogging about my every day life, although the title would still apply..... Let me just share with you that the highlight of our weekend was going to the Shiner's Circus! I'm a firm believer that every kid should go to a "real" circus at least once in their life. If you can get past the lingering smell of elephant urine and the sight of grown men in fuschia tights, it's BIG fun.

I vividly remember my parents taking us kids to the circus as a child, and those memories are very fond ones. There was so much to see, and such awe and excitement in the air. I can recall the burning, desperate desire to own one of those light-up swords or blow-up elephants the vendors would sell up and down the aisles. I was tempted to buy one of EACH souvenir this weekend, just because I CAN -- but I'm a grown-up and I realized (maturely) that a bag full of "circus treasures" doesn't a house payment make. AND they don't even offer layaway.

After all these years, I can clearly picture in my mind my favorite act as a young girl -- what else: the poodle fashion show. These women would dress up poodles in the most adorable outfits and the pups would hop down the "runway" on their hind legs. Well, this past Saturday, I swear the VERY same women hauled out the poodles from the crate and did that VERY same act! I watched with mixed fascination and concern as they were most certainly risking a broken hip in trying to keep up with those fashionable canines. They've GOT to be pushing 97 years of age by now...... that's got to be some sort of record! When DOES retirement kick in for circus workers, anyway? Don't they have a union (Poodle Handlers 289 or something?) 60 Minutes needs to hear about this matter.
But, alas, I digress ...... These Shriners have gotten really smart. They are shrewd businessmen now. They offer all kinds of cool stuff (for a PRICE) to keep you entertained and occupied while you wait for the show to start ..... and also during their 30 minute intermission (YES, 30 minutes!!!). Things like airbrush tattoos, face painting, inflatables to hop in, pony rides AND elephant rides! Hey, how often will the kids get a chance to ride an elephant? Well, Evan & Natalie were game, and here's a picture of that memorable ride. (As for me, I JUST missed the weight limit of 119 pounds by a mere 3 ounces. Bummer)

We really did have a GREAT time, and hopefully made a wonderful memory for the kids. Now if you'll excuse me, I really must get my Pepper Torte out of the oven.


Jill said...

Still eating peppers huh?

Alicia said...

The Circus-how fun!!!

Christi said...

AWWW the Circus...I remember going as a kid...glad you made it home safe without any lice!

SarahJeanie said...

Oh Sharon, you do make my day! Sounds like a blast... You'll have to ask Christi about the Yo-Yo circus our grandparents took us too when we were young we each got a free can of Manwhich!!!
Oh the memories! THANKS FOR MAKING ME LAUGH every day! You are amazing!