Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

What a dreary, rainy, chilly day. It's a perfect day to curl up on the couch in my sweats enjoying a chick flick .... tucked under a cozy blanket .... with a nice hot cup of cocoa .... and a box of cookies ..... and my kitty on my lap ..... I might just do that, right after I finish my 700 sit-ups. Now, where was I ? um, I think 699 ? Aw, forget it -- I'll just wear a panty girdle and pop in the "Hairspray" movie! That chubby girl can MOVE. Pass the Cheetos!

Oh, by the way, I've learned that it may have been a mistake to include the word "virgin" in my initial blog. Apparently, some perverts, I mean fine, upstanding folks, search for that particular term, and seem to have gotten a mistaken impression of me. But on the bright side, I've never been so popular! (especially at the local jail.....) I think I'm on ALL their "friends" lists!!

A friend of mine urged me to blog about my morning last Friday. I awoke to Allison in tears telling me our garage door was wide open and that our kitty had, in turn, run off. Well, that's alarming on many levels, as we KNOW that we closed our garage door before going to bed, and the fact that our cat is an INDOOR cat and has never been allowed to roam the "hood". She's been in perpetual "heat", so we were sheltering her until we got her "fixed." On a side note, that kitty rolls around the floor and moans more than Madonna did in the 80's!

So I was assuring Allison that we'll find Peanut, when my youngest (Natalie) came strutting into the room, modeling her outfit for school picture day. She was wearing her sparkly Sunday dress, along with a CRAZY bleached blond wig that I've used in comedy skits! She was bound & determined to wear that wig during her photo shoot! (Ok, maybe she's seen one too many episodes of "America's Next Top Model")

THEN....Evan would NOT get out of bed, refusing to go to school. This is not typical. Apparently he keeps getting yelled out by his teacher (at least in his perception). He was tetering dangerously close to a major meltdown at the thought of facing another grueling day in his 2nd grade classroom.

On top of all that....Holly then entered the room complaining of a stomach ache. She immediately starts hurling, as I'm trying to comfort Allison about the missing cat, trying to talk Natalie out of wearing the Courtney Love "do", and coaxing Evan out of bed. Whew! Just another morning at our house!

It all turned out well -- Our cat came home (3 FULL days later); Evan went to school with a promise of a fun after-school outing; Natalie parted with her blonde ambitions for school pictures; and Holly felt fine after puking. The end. It's no wonder I'm the Poster Child for Zoloft! Can't wait to start all over again tomorrow, and see what that brings.


Lisa Runnels said...

Hi Sharona. Love the blog!

Jill said...

Some people might be scared by your stories of 4 children, but I am truly inspired. You're my hero! I added you to my blog front page.

karen pruitt said...

You are livin' the dream, baby!