Thursday, April 10, 2008

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Tiger Sharks

Evan had a big event his week in his class -- YES, the long-awaited, annual 2nd grade Animal Report Night! (hold your applause until the conclusion, please)

All the parents were pressured to, oops, I mean invited to come to the school and admire (i.e. act interested in) all the masterpieces. I found myself making the rounds, exclaiming statements such as "WOW, I had NO idea a wild mustang weighed that! How fascinating!" (by the way, it was ironically my goal weight)
Some of the projects were SO extravagant -- EVEN fancier than our clay shark glued to the paper-covered box. I suspect some parents logged more hours than the kids on this project!
Our little guy was required to put together a Power Point presentation (maybe he'll show me how), make the display showed in the picture, AND write a comprehensive report (amusing portions shared below):
This animal may lose thousands of teeth in its life. Do you lose thousands of teeth in your life? It can force out unwanted objects out of its stomach or throw up. (hey, he's a boy ..... he's biologically obliged to include a bodily function somewhere) This animal breathes by swimming so when they're asleep they must swim. My animal is a Tiger Shark. (insert lots of boring facts here.....)
I loved doing my research on Tiger Sharks! They are not very pretty but they can do many, many things. They have been around for ages and ages! I couldn 't choose between a shark or a tiger. I put tiger and shark together and got Tiger Shark. The End.
There it is -- he's officially surpassed me for any potential journalism job at "Inside Edition".

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Jill said...

That is SO awesome. I loved the ending... he couldn't choose. Maybe God felt that way too when he created them or Adam when he was naming them! You're blog always makes me chuckle.