Monday, March 16, 2009

Good, "Clean" Fun

Happy First Day of Spring Break ...... feel free to join me in doubling our respective anti-anxiety medicines until school resumes.

Honestly, the kids are at such a fun age, that I'm actually -- brace yourself -- LOOKING FORWARD (just a little) to a week of quality time together. I know, that's WAY out of character for me.

During former Spring Breaks, I would be awakened early by little munchkins begging for frivolous things like breakfast! Now that they're a little older, they can serve themselves the most important meal of the day.... and even make an occasional room service delivery for good ole mom.

This particular morning, our girls set their alarm & awoke early with a mission in mind -- TAKE BACK THEIR TURF. In fact, this morning I awakened to Holly leaning over my bed with a full-size shovel in hand, telling me that they were heading over to the dirt pile. After briefly picturing the hobbling scene from the movie "Misery", I said "Oh, sure! Go ahead, have fun"!

This particular dirt pile has been a God-send. Our kids recently discovered said treasure when exploring a nearby vacant lot, and have enjoyed hours of fun digging & building. Hey, when you live in Kansas, this is as close to playing in the sand at the beach as you can get! (I can hear it now.....What did you do during Spring Break?)

On a sidenote, it tickles me that all 4 of our kids "dig" that scene (pun intended). Our 13-year-old is right in there, digging to her heart's content next to our 1st grader.

Well, it seems that other kids in the 'hood have discovered the promised-land-o-dirt-pile as well, and have been tampering with our kids' masterpieces. They had the audacity to create their OWN creations -- and that did NOT set well with my kiddos! SO...... my gang woke up early before the "others" were up & around, to have their way with the dirt pile and put it back the way THEY wanted and the way God intended.

I'm fairly certain this is a modern day "West Side Story" that's developing. With Holly wielding the shovel, I'm not worried.

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I left you a comment on my page, but here is a new resource I"m just now looking into I have no idea how easy or hard they are. Will let you know when all is said and done.

And thank you so much for your comments - that really made my day.