Saturday, March 28, 2009

In Like a LION

Maybe you've noticed Kansas getting extra coverage on the Weather Channel lately. I'm here to simply say: "WE DESERVED IT". Can you imagine, the week following Spring Break, being under a Blizzard Warning, of all things?

Here's Natalie, happily working on her snowman masterpiece.
It's hard to believe that just last week I was contem- plating breaking out the sun screen....

Clearly, Mother Nature hates our tree.
These are the broken limbs from that tree alone -- combined with an equal pile in our neighbor's front yard. Yes, all from the same tree!
On a somewhat related note ..... A few weeks ago, Evan lost his winter coat. We couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I thought to myself, "Oh well, we won't need a heavy coat again until, say....November anyway" -- WRONG! So..... I followed my little sister's advice and made Evan wear one of his sister's coats! (I'm trying to make a point with that little guy to keep track of his belongings)! Here he is, a bit uncertain about making this fashion statement. At least he has matching silver gloves!

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Alicia said...

That silver coat is hysterical! So the weather in KS is cracking me up, and when I saw you & Christi post your winter wonderland pictures, I had to do a post about it. Go see!