Saturday, March 14, 2009

The man cub turns 9

This boy of mine is turning NINE!

Surrounded by all sisters, Evan joins in the dress-up fun and strikes a pose in Alli's dance dress!

In 2nd grade, Evan's artwork was selected from his school to be displayed at the Art Museum -- behold THE NUTCRACKER KING!

Evan & little sis Natalie being their typical silly selves during a photo shootOur little guy is ALL BOY, but also has a tender heart ...... here he's taking it hard & saying goodbye to his favorite kitten from Peanut's litter when it was being adopted by a family.

Happy Birthday, Evan! Our family is so blessed. Even though your birth was the most traumatic for me, I'd do it again tomorrow to have the blessing of YOU in our lives.

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JDunn said...

Happy Birthday, Evan!!