Thursday, October 2, 2008

She Ain't Heavy, SHE'S my Brother

Evan is our only boy.

And is very, very (I mean VERY) likely to REMAIN our lone boy.

About the same odds as Mary and immaculate conception.

He has always wished for a brother. ALWAYS. In fact, I believe his first word was "brother"? (with a quizzical look)

As he was expressing that sentiment recently for about the 2,000th time, Natalie made the valiant offer to "play brother" with him.

Evan pounced on that offer like a fat girl on a crueller. He immediately "suited her up in boy stuff" and struck these intimidating, menacing poses.

Don't they look tough?! So gangsta.

Yeah, well, that "brother game" lasted until Natalie wanted to move on to Pretty, Pretty Princess .... About 3 minutes in.

Now I gotta go hunt for that Krispy Kreme coupon .....

1 comment:

Christi said...

I love those pictures! Really, no more kids...I am shocked. Maybe the next one would be a boy....hehehe