Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Answer !

I'm going to go ahead and conclude my little contest .... seeing as there were only TWO guesses submitted and all. Can you say "FLOP"?! I'm choosing to believe that people were SO stumped they couldn't even form a guess.
The two guesses were: Moses (yes, Moses -- SMART ALECK!!) and .... SHAUN CASSIDY. One of those guesses was correct....
Drum roll please..... the winner of the fall decor is JENNIFER B.! Good job, Jenn, and thanks for playing. Vanna White will be by with your fabulous prize.


JDunn said...

Sorry, Sharon,
I would NEVER have guessed. I wasn't online to participate in the much for blogging. I'll get back online this week, I'm sure.

Busymama Kellie said...

I'm sorry I missed your contest! The face looked familiar but I probably wouldn't have recalled the right name anyway.