Saturday, October 25, 2008

Adjusting our Lenses

In response to my last post, by popular DEMAND (just for you, Amy) -- here's a picture of my new short 'do.
I think the weathered fence background brings out my eyes.
I had to take several photos before I was satisfied. One shot accentuated my wrinkles, one seemed to highlight my fashion forward double chin......
Is it just me, or do you view pictures of yourself with a critical eye? I have tendencies to view myself through a critical "lens" in most areas of my life, actually. Always trying to measure up.
I need to adjust that lens to be less severe, sort of like that "soft glow" lens I'm fond of at the photograhy studio. You know, the one that softens all the features and glosses over the imperfections? It's called GRACE.
Are you prone to be too hard on yourself? Come on, admitting it is the first step in recovering!
I have to remind myself constantly that all I ever have to be is what HE created me to be. And that He doesn't expect perfection and extends grace and unconditional love to us.


Courtney said...

Cute look!

Thanks for a great perspective, too.

Amy said...

First of all let me say, I love your new cut! It looks great Sharon. Really. And I agree the brown fence does wonders for your eyes!

You are so right about grace. We are so hard on ourselves. You have such a great way of putting things into perspective...have you started that book yet? You know the one I say you need to write to encourage other women and make us laugh at the same time.

Jill said...

I love the new look, and I really took your words to heart!!