Thursday, April 9, 2009

Peep Show

Made ya look!

With Easter around the corner, I just couldn't resist posting this silly "peep show"! (sorry mom)

Tomorrow night our family will attend Good Friday service at our church. Then on Sat. we will dye eggs, make our annual bunny cake, and undoubtedly dominate the local Easter egg hunt. I pity da fool that gets in our way!!

I need to finish getting the kids' baskets filled & ready to hide. And of course, they each got a little something new to wear to church on Easter morning.

Funny memory -- I remember when I was around 8 years old, we went to visit my grandparents for Easter. I was so excited to wear my new Easter dress! However, while getting ready for church that morning, I discovered that I had no more clean underwear in my suitcase. I shared this with my mom, who made me wear my big brother's FRUIT OF THE LOOMS!!! So, while I was looking spiffy on the outside, I couldn't feel pretty all over, knowing my "brief little secret"!

What about you? What are your Easter traditions / plans?


Christi said...

Ok, first of all, you must go forward and repent tomorrow night at church for the "Peep Show". :) My mom always made us wear dorky dresses with matching hats and white lace gloves...UGH!

Jennifer said...

Does this post actually have a marshmallow Peep on a stripper pole along with mention of church? Ha! I got to wear pantyhose for the first time on Easter when I was around 10. Big deal back then!

Amy W said...

Oh my. We'll do the egg hunt tomorrow, and hopefully dye some eggs. (The ones we hide will be plastic and full of candy, of course!) The girls have new dresses, but not too fancy so we can continue to wear them...